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Important information

Dear Client,

On 31 October 2019 , the most significant phase in the transformation of the savings cooperatives sector will be completed with the merger of eleven savings cooperatives and two banks . As of November, the only universal commercial bank in the Takarék Group will serve more than 1.1 million clients and operate the largest branch network in the country . Takarékbank Zrt. will become the fifth largest financial institute in the country in terms of its balance sheet total.

In parallel to the legal merger, the informatics system of Takarék Kereskedelmi Bank Zrt. and the currently operating network of Takarékbank Zrt. will be merged and therefore the branches , after a five-day IT transition - incorporating a long weekend and a two-day banking holiday - will open for the first time after 31 October 2019 on 6 November , which will affect all of the branches of the Takarékbank Zrt.

During this period, the net bank and the mobile application will temporarily not function and no transfers can be initiated or received. On 6 November 2019, Wednesday morning, the branches will reopen, the net bank and the mobile application will be available for use from that time and orders received after 31 October 2019 will be accounted then. In the transition period, bank account holders will be able to withdraw cash from ATMs against their balance that they have on their account on 31 October 2019 and will be able to use their debit cards with the same balance. The bank has informed its clients in detail regarding the technical details of the transformation on several accounts.

Clients shall benefit from the merger of the savings cooperatives in many ways: they will have access to unified, competitive products as in other any large commercial banks and the common, modern IT system that will be introduced will simplify and speed up services. The process will eventually allow complete, national access: clients will be able to manage their accounts in any of the branches of Takarékbank Zrt in the country.

The clients of Takarék Kereskedelmi Bank Zrt. will see changes in the electronic channels as result of the IT migration, too, since instead of the Netb@nk that is currently used you will also be able to use the Takarék Netbank (Electra Internet Banking) service used in Takarékbank Zrt.

We are also happy to inform you that the Takarék Mobilapp will also be available to you after the merger! The Takarék Mobilapp is a modern, easy-to-use, transparent service that offers all the functions provided by Takarék Netbank.

Please find more information about the banking holiday necessitated by the merger as well as other important information on under Merger .

Kind regards,

Takarék Group